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Worth & Aire Valley Mags, your local business directories with a community minded focus.

liz barker

Dear Worth Valley Mag readers, As the editor of this magazine, I extend warm seasonal wishes to you in this combined December and January edition.

With over 17 years of history, Worth Valley Mag has been a constant companion in the lives of local residents. Having lived in this beautiful area for over thirty years, raising a family and actively participating in local life, I've witnessed the growth, resilience, and unity that define us. We've been through a lot together!

In an era dominated by digital noise and virtual connections, our magazine stands tall as a beacon of authenticity and trust. We're more than just pages filled with advertisements; we reflect the heartbeat of the Worth Valley and the individuals who contribute to our community. As we navigate the ever changing modern landscape, it's crucial to recognize the profound impact of local businesses, tradespeople, independent retailers, and community organisations; over one hundred and twenty entities are represented in these pages.

Join me and extend your support to the local butchers, bakers, and artisans who make the Worth Valley truly unique.

May I be so bold as to address the elephant in the room Ė the potential drawbacks of excessive screen time.The constant scroll, the lure of algorithms, and the impact on mental health are real concerns. We can all benefit from switching off, stepping outside, and enjoying tangible, real-time experiences, including getting out and about, meeting face to face. As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, let's embrace the hope and promise 2024 brings. Our goal is to cultivate a warm-hearted spirit, one that values genuine connections over digital substitutes.

Use the magazine as a portal to discover local events, and immerse yourself in the rich, quirky and fabulous world that is, the Worth Valley. May this season bring you joy, warmth, and peace, and may the coming year be filled with hope, good health and prosperity for us all.

Happy Christmas!

Warm regards from the whole team at WorthValley Mag

Donít forget our February edition deadline is January 16th.

Phone us today to book your space 01535 642227.

Book all 3 Groups and receive the 3rd Group totally FREE. Discounts available if you book for 3 consecutive months *

(excludes 1/8 page bookings).

As a business or organisation with a presence in the Worth & Aire Valley, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to be included in the directories. Both editions are FREE monthly publications distributed door-to-door and in bulk drops throughout the region to selected communities.

The Aire Valley Mag reaches Keighley Town Centre, Silsden, Steeton, Eastburn, Sutton, Cross Hills, and Glusburn. Aire Valley (Group 3) is delivered to Keighley Central, Utley, Fell Lane, Exley Head, Long Lee, Riddlesden & East Morton. The Worth Valley Mag reaches Haworth, Lees, Cross Roads, Oakworth, Oldfield, Stanbury, Oxenhope and Leeming.

The mags are handy guides to local shops, services, products and leisure attractions for residents and visitors to the area. Each edition includes a local business directory, articles, special features, reviews, useful contact numbers, puzzles, an events diary and community pages - all with a special local focus.

There is a mix of commericial and free non commercial space available for businesses, non profit organisations, public entities, municiple services, and community groups.

The cost of a display ad starts at just £29.66 per month.*

With a pricing structure below other local or regional publications,
we offer incredible value for money.

In addition to household distribution, the magazines are also
available at selected tourist and general public outlets,
furthering your exposure to visitors to the area (shops community bases and tourist points).

The estimated monthly readership is 20,000 for the Aire Valley Mag and over 20,000 for the Worth Valley Mag.

For added benefit, the magazine, including your event, advertisement, public notice, or article, will be published on-line for FREE! Also available are banner links to take visitors direct to your own website.

The Aire Valley Mag and Worth Valley Mag present you with an effective, affordable communication opportunity that engages the local community and gives your organisation a full month of exposure both offline in the publication and on-line with this website.
Most importantly,it gives you the chance to play a vital role in unique publications that aim to strengthen local trade and enhance community spirit.

We are passionate about keeping trade local and supporting the economic growth of the Aire & Worth

We hope you will join us in this endeavour.

For further details about our publications please contact: Liz Barker or Joanne Ingham
Tel: 01535 642227, or Email: *prices quoted may be subject to VAT